Marks on My Neck

He left a mark on my neck A kiss of love, a bite of affection You left a mark on my neck One of rage and hateful aggression Your eyes bore deep into mine Fist held back threatening to swing Eventually you let it down Yet the one on my neck was given one last … Continue reading Marks on My Neck


I should've known your angelic hands Would do nothing but strangle The hearts you made so eloquently yours Oblivious to the vandal I should've known the songs you sang Carried something beneath The voice like honey meant to entrance Then deceive like thorns on a wreath I should've known the eyes that looked Searched for … Continue reading Betrayal

Frame I Couldn’t Fit

i see colors and different hues you tell me it's black and white i must be confused you insist you're right would i feel like this if that was true ❦ you laid out all of the rules and i tried desperately to follow them too i never understood why you would want what you … Continue reading Frame I Couldn’t Fit

Miss Talk of the Town

red eyes on a New Year's night but don't give out as you hand him his tie told yourself the pain should be set aside but the rope around your neck was still untied ❦ you can do this don't break down paint your lips red and slip on a ball gown emerge from your … Continue reading Miss Talk of the Town

The Impossible Test

You curve each ball thrown in my way When they don't go far, you scream in my face With every day you bring a new challenge, each harder to overcome But whenever I make it through an obstacle, a bell of hope is rung Then I stagger and fall, a first in quite some time … Continue reading The Impossible Test

My Horror Film

At the end of the forest I see a house The shadows are hiding the girl in the blouse Her cheeks are hollow Her eyes without light The moon illuminates her face in the night At the end of the forest I see a door Trapping inside the blood and the gore The screams are … Continue reading My Horror Film

The Lone Wolf

The lone wolf howls to the midnight moon Its screams are heard throughout the town But unlike the lone wolf, my screams are muffled My pillow's in tears and my bedsheets are ruffled The lone wolf stares at the midnight moon Perhaps it has nothing better to do My eyes are fixed on my ceiling … Continue reading The Lone Wolf