Miss Talk of the Town

red eyes on a New Year’s night

but don’t give out as you hand him his tie

told yourself the pain should be set aside

but the rope around your neck was still untied

you can do this

don’t break down

paint your lips red and slip on a ball gown

emerge from your abyss

but never look down

give ’em something to see

miss talk of the town

they’re trying to scorch you

but don’t listen

they wanna drain blood

until there’s nothing but bone and skin

enter the holy land

with a bottle of gin

go on and show them who really has the upper hand

all your life you were a puppet

in a world where playing Judas was the trend

but take a step out

and cut the strings

the girl alive doesn’t belong with the dead

wear a grin

in the presence of their frown

you’re just a guest in the land of the rundown

as you’re leaving

don’t forget the crown

give ’em something to see

miss talk of the town

when you’re in the woods

that’s when the fire spreads

they’ll do anything to put you on your death bed

just run through

to the clearing

let them fill in the gaps on the unsaid

you can reminisce

of what could’ve been

or you can use the scraps to form a masterpiece

don’t let them tear it down

just like they did with your dreams

give ’em something to see

miss talk of the town

nothing’s impartial in a world full of greed

they want a scandal

but claim to be saintly

don’t let your guard down

or wander too far from the tree

and beware

for words are just as deadly

you’re in a crisis

every second now

can’t go farther than the chains will allow

ignorance ain’t bliss

when there’s a countdown

show them you can break free

miss talk of the town

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